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Different Types of flag Stands

It is a common thing to be drawn to the booths that have banner stands whenever one attends a trade show. The banner stands to provide an auspicious noticeable visual display that draws and attract an audience. some booths do not have any banner stand. These booths may contain some furniture but are not recognizable to the public. And you will agree with me that it is easy to go past them without creating any interest. The the banner stand is of prime importance in bringing in customers, and therefore company need to invest heavily on these banners.

Available are various diverse types of banner stands that are capable of being used in a trade show. The choice of the banner stand is of prime importance. It has consequences and pay back. Outlined are different types of banner stands available in the market.
First are the roll-up banner stands. These banner stands to deliver the required to the customer. Having the stand, the banner just rolls up and down. When rolled down, it is attached at the bottom, and the display is finished. They come in different widths and different widths. Short type of banners can ride on a tabletop while others can be planted into the ground.

Another type of banners is referred to as cassette banner stands. This type of banner stand allows alteration of the graphics at a faster rate by having them inside the “cassette”. By highlighting different items through choosing different graphics. these banners have more weight compared to another type of banner stands. However, they are likely to attract more customers as well as expanding the marketing opportunity.

Another common type of banner stand Is L banner stand. These banners can be easily moved from one to place to another since they are not heavy. They mostly come attached with a carrying bag. To ensure that the banner is straightly fitted ,both the top and bottom is hooked with clips. They come in different sizes to cater for the varying sizes of the preferred trade show booth.

X banner stands comer with three legs and backing that and enable the banner to be attached at all four corners. It can be easily set since it does not have lot of weight. It also comes along with a bag for easier transportation.

Another type of the banner stand is the table stand which is seated on the top of the table to show small tabletop banner. They can be rolled up banner stands, L banner stands, and x banner stand. The buck stops with the client.

Lastly are the pole up tension banner stands. These are collapsible poles that are easy to put up and is lightweight. They can make extra high to draw more attention.

Outlined above are some banner stands to omit the motorized banner stands. Acoording to clients resources and needs one obtains the particular banner.

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