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Hypnosis: A clearer Journey Through Emotional issues The first thing that comes to mind upon mentioning the word hypnosis is mystery and some fascination. Unfortunately many people’s knowledge is limited to memories of stage hypnosis where they see people being “made” to do silly things seemingly under the hypnotist’s control. Testimonies of people who have undergone the therapeutic setting of hypnosis are always positive as they always feel good about it. I am writing this article to extend knowledge about Hypnosis and to bring awareness about the use of Hypnosis in a therapeutic session. Various types of issues resolved by Hypnosis Anxiety After a detailed history is obtained from the client the therapist studies the information to determine if there is some causal link for the onset of anxiety. After identifying the link, the therapist discusses this with the client and later determines what actions they will undertake.
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After that, the client is made aware of the various symptoms of panic. The other step involves helping the client understand the relevance of the symptoms and how to eliminate them. Mostly, the client participates in progressive relaxation which results into relaxing the trance and at this time therapeutic suggestions are also made to help the client to alleviate anxiety. The client is also led to mentally rehearse the techniques that were put into place to eliminate the unwanted symptoms. Most of the time, when Hypnotherapy anxiety is used, favorable prognosis is always obtained.
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Failure to sleep This condition is very prevalent in our societies today. Each one of us has at some point experienced insomnia. The experienced therapist should take a holistic approach to this problem. Before a therapist considers mental activity as a cause, they first have to go through all the other possible causes. After the cause has been determined, the client is helped to get into hypnotic trance and therapeutic suggestions are given to help the client enjoy a good night’s sleep. Smoking It is key that the need to quit smoking should first be voluntary. People cannot usually be made to do anything that is against their will. The smoke must really be willing to quit smoking if they desire so. In order to make the client to be single minded about quitting smoking, they first have to be educated. The client is also made to understand the various triggers which brings on smoking and alternative ways to redirect those triggers are also suggested. Therapeutic suggestions are only made after the client has been made to relax. The client is also mentally rehearsed to deal positively with events that could possibly cause relapse. Weight Loss Here again all medical causes should be eliminated. It is only when weight gain is as a result of psychological, emotional and behavioral factors that hypnotherapy can work well. Moreover, Clinical hypnotherapy has a wide range of application when solving emotional issues apart from those mentioned.